Kurfew Chat!

Here's where you can learn more about the team behind Kurfew...the "Kurfew Krew," as we're called.  Also, find out how to can join our team!

Pictures of the newest Krew memebers are coming soon!  Better yet, check us out in person every Saturday night at Kurfew!

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Kurfew Entertainment
Kurfew founder and head gay party guru, Jeff
Door hosts James, Doug, Brad,
Event coordinator Joey
Photo assistants Ritchie, Ruben
Tech Assistant Andrew, Jose
Staff coordinators Josh, Travis

Kurfew Website
Website director Jeff

Technical consultants Stan and Justin
Moderators Rockstar Steve, Brian, Stan

Kurfew Graphics
Flyer designer Kumo
Web graphics designer Russ
Graphics Artists Desiree, Elizabeth, Christine

Assistant Dinah
Instant Party Artist Gio
Angel Boy's Masterpiece!

Kurfew Models
Coordinator Ben

Kurfew Talent
Nationwide Booking
DJ Steve Sidewalk
Assistant DJ "Madonna Matt"
Assistant DJ Ratt

DJ Foltron (Skylab)
DJ Transient
DJ Foltron (Skylab)
DJ Transient
DJ Ian Carisi
DJ Wall Street
DJ Septum
DJ Soul Assassin

Kurfew NYC Hosts & Hostesses
Message board hosts Mike, Luis, Pete, Drew, Donna
Party hosts Eric, Katie, Johnny

Drag Queen Hostesses
Nationwide Booking

Ivana Hump
Ms. Vicki Lake
Ivana Hump
Peppermint Gummybear
Vicki Lake

LaQueeda, Koko, Sydney, Electra, Sinnamon Stick, Lady Q, Shania

Kurfew NYC Promotion Team
Promoters Anthony, Tom, MTV Dave, Katie, Brian, Ed, Knight, Rutgers,
Fashion, Fox, Joey, John, Le, Mark, Shawn, Aquamathmatics

Kurfew Long Island Promotion Team
Development Team Leader Mike
Promotion coordinator Sandy

Kurfew DC Team

Development Team Leader Roman
DC Consultant Chad

Kurfew Boston Team
Development Team Leader Dave

Kurfew Los Angeles Team
...coming soon...

Kurfew San Francisco Team
Development Team Leader Joey
Talent Coordinator Nasim

Kurfew Atlanta Team
...coming soon...

Kurfew Miami Team
...coming soon...

For serious investor and expansion inquiries, sponsorship opportunities,
private parties or other event proposals, please contact Jeff

Interested in joining the Kurfew Krew?  Click here for job openings and internships.  Also, we're looking for volunteers to work the message board during the night of Kurfew.  Do you think you've got what it takes? Email us with a brief description to: boys@kurfew.com.

We want to send out a giant KurfewThank You!to the following individuals from our past, who have been of enormous help in building the success of Kurfew!

Zach, Casey and Liz, our original and notoriously vigilant door host and hostess.
Charlie and Blondie for bringing in the fun
Phil, our tireless events organizer and gay pride event coordinator
Terrence and Jeff A. who got things moving for Gay Pride 2000 in record time

Anthony, our helpful intern and creative designer
Anthony C. whose friendship and support made the toughest days survivable.

Stan W., for dedicated help beyond the call of duty
(we forgive you for smashing up the Kurfew Kar...but did you really have a driver's license???)
Michael, from the original System, who gave us our chance
Steve and Peter, who recognized the potential
Eddie Baez, for giving his all to the "baby Kurfew" party
Danny Tenaglia and manager Kevin, who taught us that "Music in the Answer"
Lady Bunny and Michael T, for kicking off the 80's Room in style
Eddie, part of our pre-Kurfew research Krew
Sid...we won't ever forget those marathon midnight mailing sessions
DJ Normand and Diana Taylor, who endured some of the hardest start-up days
Asia, Ms. Chanel, Aqua, Holli Graham, for introducing us to the art of drag
Bebe, Peppermint Gummybear, Karly Kani...for allowing Kurfew to be the birth place of
your drag alter egos

Billy, Eddie, Sara and everyone else who never stopped believing...

Special shout out to Ronnie D!!!

and there are more...lots more that we'll be including as we update this page. You'll always be in our hearts, and please stay in touch with us wherever your lives take you!


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