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We've told you how great Kurfew is...but don't take our word for it!  Here are some excerpts about Kurfew that have appeared in various well-known publications, along with comments from the partygoers themselves!

The Village Voice

"The soiree is sort of a Hetrick Martin Institute prom by way of Dawson's Creek via XY magazine crossed with a Gourmet Garage poultry sale.  The kids are winsomely cute and festively dressed in elephant pants, football Ts, Teletubby backpacks, and Day-glo mouth illuminators. And they don't overaccessorize with bias...lesbians, and even a couple of straights are welcomed into the multigonadal mix."
"It's adorable to see the baby drag queens and mini fags, dykes and hags taking their first steps out of the closet and into the land of opportunity."
"The mood is bouncy and relatively unfettered by game-playing..."
- Michael Musto, The Village Voice

The March 1999 issue of XY Magazine features six full pages of Kurfew nightclub photos and a big article on the Kurfew party! Following are some excerpts.  If you can still find the issue on your newstands, grab it!  Otherwise, write to XY Magazine for back issues at, 4104 24th St. #900, San Francisco, CA 94114.

"While Kurfew is free of the cruisy attitude of mainstream gay clubs, the night is electric with a sexual energy of its own, as you can see from these pictures.  The crowd ranges from NYU students letting loose on the dance floor to 22yo Long Island boys showing off their well-chiseled abs to shy 19yo couples from Westchester. Throw in the requisite number of club kids, drag queens, and young gay visitors from the tri-state area and beyond, and you've got a pretty good portrait of "America's largest young gay dance party..."

Paper Magazine

"Seek shelter from the main-room masses and head for the back, where the real fun is.  Kurfew's party, aimed at a younger crowd, has made its presence known in the last year as one of the best queer events around.  Music from the 80's and thereabouts is played in the furry room, while really good house is spun in the other roped-off areas."
"This 18-and-over gay party just gets better."
"Aimed at the pre-Rogaine/Viagra homo community, Kurfew manages to snare gay boys hot off of the [bench] presses.  Come enjoy the cute sights...No geezers allowed."
- Paper Magazine

Details Magazine

"A huge, mad, sweaty, hormone factory..."
"The candy-colored-fur-lined Kenny Scharf Room is like a trip into Pee-wee's Big Adventure."
 "...intimate 'homo' house party"
- Details Magazine

Popeye Magazine Logo
Popeye Magazine, we were told by one of our Japanese visitors, is the hippest pop culture magazine in Japan. Unfortunately, he didn't translate the article for us! Here's a look at the Kurfew photo spread that appeared recently in the magazine's feature entitled, "All Night Long - The Ultimate World Club Scene." We rely on our international visitors to let us know where Kurfew press is appearing around the world...if you see us mentioned, please let us know.  Send us a clipping, and we'll send you a personalized Kurfew gift!

Popeye Magazine Reprint

Time Out New York

"At this youth-oriented party 'with a mainstream feel' Steven Zor works the main floor, while...Michael T spins 80's and disco discs in the Kenny Scharf room."
"...gay party known for its cutesy novelties (e.g. the "Bag-A-Boy" system of message centers and number tags)..."
- Time Out New York

Flyer Updates Urban Culture Guide

"...it is fast becoming an institution."
"Even those unfamiliar with gay clubs (um, such as non-homosexuals) probably know about Kurfew - the gay party at Tunnel geared towards a younger crowd. This is a feat unto itself...Those signature fliers...can be found virtually everywhere, and as a result, there is always an enormous line going down the block."
- William Van Meter,, Flyer Updates Urban Culture Guide


And now here's a sampling of some of the email we've received from Kurfew party goers.  If you're coming to Kurfew for the first time, be sure to email us and tell us about your experience!

"...Kurfew is already the staple diet of my Saturday nights. My friends and
I all absolutely love it; a completely unique place in New York City. Thank you!"
- Conor

"Kurfew was the best i have EVER seen it!!!! I wasnt going to go but then at the last minute I decided to go. I am so glad I did. There are soo many cute bois there. I had the best time there I have ever had. I want to say thanks to all tke Kurfew People who make this happen every weekend. See you guys next weekend!!!"
- Aaron Z.

"...Just wanted to say that i went for the first time last night and i had a FABULOUS time. I could go every weekend if i lived closer and didn't work LOL...the club is cool the workers there
are phat and the music was fantastic...the dj's in
the 80's room...they are THE BEST. They played so many great songs and what
personalities too....!"

- Chris

"As always, thank you for consistently having the BEST event every Saturday night!  The atmosphere is always bumping, the music thumpin', and there are plenty of hot guys...I have organized a group of twenty to come to Kurfew this Saturday night.  Some people are returning, but a lot are new. I can't wait to show them the best time!"
- Eric C.

"Just writing a brief note to thank you for a good time this past 
saturday in Kurfew ...I  found Kurfew to be the friendliest, best party..."
- John C.

"Hey whats up boyz?
    So I went to your party on saturday night and I thought it was pretty fabulous. I am a 20 year old student that just moved to NY a few weeks ago to live here and go to school at Eugene Lang.  Okay so since I've been here, I've gone to quite a few bars and hangouts and I'll have to say that Kurfew was the most fun. I met a fully hot boy- (I hope he calls) You took our picture together and I hope it gets posted in a couple of days...I bet the picture turned out really cute. He was so unbelievably fine."
- Jason S.

While perusing the kurfew website for word of the November 27th party, I came across the testimonials page and figured that i would make a little testimony of my own. I think that Kurfew is simply FABULOUS and i wouldn't change a thing. I recently attended my year anniversary kurfew party on Halloween weekend and it seemed even more fun than the first time. I attended kurfew all summer and frankly can't get enough. it pains me to be at school in mass. and know that the fun is so far away. Keep up the good work...it is definitely the best party in NYC and the most fun i've ever experienced in my life. See you next saturday! - Jessica S.

"To all the Kurfew Crew: 
I just want to whish all you guys a very happy new years.
Me and my friends had a BLAST !!!! 
The music and people were great....you're a party GOD :-)"
- Ish

 I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time at your club on Saturday night.  It was nothing like I would have expected.  Thank you."
- Mike G.


"Keep throwing the best parties in NYC!"
- Brett H.

"Kurfew really is chill,"
- Robert C.

Kurfew Home!

"The party last week at Kurfew was a blast.
thanks for sending the invites.
keep up the good work."
- Monk J

Whats up? I love the scene you have going on! I'm there every weekend. You can really throw a party. Please let me know of any up coming events. thanx,
                     - Stephanie

"My first, but definitely not my last time, at Kurfew was last week.  Lemme say, the party was off the hook!  it was a great way for me to get a chance to mingle and dance all the stress away after coming out to my friends, keep it up baby!"
- Dean20

"Dear Kurfew...
    I'm just a writing to tell you how much i appreciate your events and
themes...  I have always had a wonderful time at Kurfew and just thought I
would let you know that you are all doing a wonder(ful) job.  Keep up the outstanding efforts of your crew.  Thank you...Much love..".
- Essalla B.

"I'm a first year student at NYU and I've been going
to Kurfew for the last couple months. I've gotten to know several kids at the
club and really love the scene."
- James B.

"Just want to tell you guys that saturday night was the bomb. i had a blast.
everyone was partying and having a good time. i missed the performer singing
"be u" [Diana Taylor]. everyone said she was excellent. i'd really like to meet the people behind the e-mailings just to see if i know them. thanks for introducing me to the hottest party a club could ever hold ...see you next sat."
         :) gucci :)

"I heard about you from a friend that once came to the club...she said
it was the most fun she ever had and told me to check it out...you guys kick ass."
- Renee

"Myself and my Bf visited KURFEW on this past SAT.   We were visiting NY,  we live in Baltimore.   Your club was the bomb.    One of the hosts was especially nice, and he sure made us feel welcome!!!     We will definitely be back, i'm sorry that we live so far away although, cause the clubs here suck compared to KURFEW.  Keep up the good work you studs.  Thanks again to you all for making our visit to KURFEW one we will never forget!!!"

- David W.


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