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Want to contribute to the Kurfew Junior page? If you're a good writer, and have something to say to help other gay teens, send your contribution to junior@kurfew.com along with a brief story about yourself! We're looking for coming out stories, inspirational advice, dating experiences, and anything else pertaining to young gay life!

Joey is a peer counselor at LIGALY (Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth). Click here to read his column, or submit your own questions!
Dave began writing his "gay diary" at age 14 and also answers questions from other gay teens! Click here to check it out.
Brent began writing for Kurfew Junior beginning at age 17. He tackles some of the major issues and questions affecting both gay and bisexual youth. Click here to check it out.

Welcome to the Kurfew Junior page.

Many gay people begin to realize their sexual orientation at a very early age. This page is provided for and maintained by the members of the younger gay community, who can't yet go out to clubs, but would like to participate in a community of their own.  We have two special contributors to the Kurfew Junior page.  Dave, a cheerful, multi-talented, openly gay high school student, who began writing for Kurfew Junior when he was 14 year old, and Brent, a bisexual college student who began writing for Kurfew Junior at age 17. Both of these boys are heroes for coming out at a time when there's still a lot of oppression and homophobia in the schools and the world around them.  And what's most remarkable is their incredibly positive and healthy outlook on life.  They demonstrate that simple honesty and self-acceptance can be the keys to a happier life for young gay people.  And in the process, our email feedback shows they've brightened a considerable number of lives...and probably even saved some lives as well!

     Dave's column is called "Just a Boy in the World." He begins with his coming out story at age 14, and describes how life has been in successive updates.  There's even a story about the reaction Dave has encountered from schoolmates after they've seen him on this web site!

     Questions to the Kurfew Junior page are answered by members of the Kurfew Krew and moderated by Joey Tempo, a peer counselor for Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth (LIGALY). Email your questions or suggestions to: junior@kurfew.com.
     Brent tackles an array of questions that he has encountered from his friends, family, religious leaders and others and touches on these issues iin an incredible mature manner. His confidence in himself and his skilled manner at handling homophobic schoolmates is an inspiration! Brent plans to contribute more content on the subject of bisexuality, which he believes is not understood by either gay nor straight people!

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