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This page is about the business aspects and opportunities behind Kurfew and the promotion company, Kurfew Entertainment.  Since Kurfew Entertainment is an independent promotions company, it's important to communicate directly with us about Kurfew co-marketing opportunities, DJ bookings, employment opportunities, etc.  Many companies and individuals have made the mistake of trying to reach us by calling The Tunnel or one of the other venues at which we hold our parties. Messages may be taken or other promoters or staff may attempt to handle the call, but the likelihood that the Kurfew Krew will ever get the message is near zero.  So be sure to use the email addresses and links below to reach us!

Advertising Opportunities...With over 1,000 young people coming to the Kurfew every week (in New York City alone), and a significantly higher daily traffic on this Web Site, it makes sense to consider becoming a sponsor or advertiser.  You'll expose your product to the very core of the marketplace that defines the music and fashion trends of the nation...gay New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 34.  We're selective about the type of advertising that we can accept.  To find out more, email us at advertising@kurfew.com.

Co-Marketing Opportunities...Do you represent an artist launching a new record album that would appeal to the young, gay community?  Are you promoting a new Off-Broadway play?  Did you produce next season's blockbuster movie?  Consider joining forces with Kurfew Entertainment to give your production a jolt of publicity and exposure, while helping Kurfew to draw new faces into our party!  We build the event around your production in a manner that appeals to our core audience, and then extensively promote the event via direct mail, magazine advertising, email, web site, and more.  Companies such as Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, Elektra, MCA Records, Trimark Films and others have taken advantage of Kurfew's influential audience with notably successful events over the past year.  Contact us at marketing@kurfew.com.

Expansion Opportunities...Whether you own a nightclub in another major city, or have the investment capital to develop a new one, Kurfew is seeking savvy and hard-working partners to help us expand into new cities.  There are many different options to work together to build the best of both worlds: an event with a much-needed social purpose combined with a significant operating income for the venue.  Kurfew Entertainment offers the additional benefit of top-notch marketing and management talent. Serious inquiries only. Contact us at expansion@kurfew.com.

Licensing Opportunities...We'll evaluate your proposals for licensing the Kurfew trademark to support gay-oriented events and products for the young, gay community.  Contact us at licensing@kurfew.com

.Jobs...From administrative positions to college internships, Kurfew is now accepting applications as we expand into 3 new cities.  Email a resume or brief bio to us along with your phone number to jobs@kurfew.com or fax to 212.533.3029.  Here are some of the positions were seeking to fill most immediately:

  • Promoters - If you've got a charismatic personality and can pull in an attractive, young gay crowd that mixes with the Kurfew Krowd, we're interested in talking to you.
  • Administrative - positions are available for those with typing skills, graphics software knowledge, good phone manner, and more.  We're looking for self-starters who can lead and aren't afraid of taking on responsibility.
  • Events Production - for nightclub and non-nightclub events, including social events, sports events and trips.
  • Kurfew "Junior" Organizers - help us to organize and/or fund events and social programs for those under 18 who can't yet attend Kurfew's weekly party.  This is an ideal after-school or summer position.
  • Singers/Songwriters/Dancers/Perfomers/Entertainers/DJs - Send us your audio or video tape for evaluation.  We're interested in giving a venue and receptive audience to outstanding new young gay talent.  Several of our past perfromers have actually been "discovered" at Kurfew.  One has landed a part in a major motion picture being filmed now in Oregon.  Another won a recording contract and reports she is busy preparing for a European tour. So who knows where you might end up! Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want your tape returned. Click here for our office address.
  • Personalities - from Drag Queens to outrageous new characters, your particularly unique persona/costume or combination of the two might land you a role as the newest Kurfew host or hostess.  In this role, you've got to know how to keep the mood electric while helping new groups of Kurfew-goers interact with each other! You might also be involved in coordinating Kurfew and main-stage shows involving many "Kurfew Karacters." An on-site party interview will be mandatory!
  • Flyer Distribution - From time to time we have openings in this important role.  It's not just handing out the flyers that counts, but in conveying what the party is really about and getting the right people excited about coming down!  The hours are very late, but if you're cute, this is one job that will get you LOTS of phone numbers!
  • Web Site Maintenance - No sweeping and mopping here...instead, you'll make sure the site (this site!) stays current, you'll investigate and suggest new features and functions, and you'll research and develop new content.  If you know CGI and Java, you're that much ahead of the game.  And if you don't...you'll learn fast!
  • Legal and Accounting Services - Did we just hear a yawn? Well, someone's got to do it! From time to time we have distinct projects suitable for those with extensive familiarity with the gay community.  Promotional experience is a big plus. Email your resume and proposal so we'll have you on file!

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